Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Best Friend

Hey loneliness
You're on my street again
I thought I lost you
but you're my best friend

I can fly
Leave you behind
Have you beg and plead
Not blink an eye
I can turn my back
But every time I close eyes
I think of you
And you're by my side

Just wanted to say
Thanks for coming by the other day
You always make the time
To check if I am fine

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Leadership and the 'art of Potato Committees

Once upon a time in a distant land, there was a kitchen that made the best potato soup in the world. People traveled far and wide just to sip, to taste, to swallow what they called the ‘soup of the gods’. Tucked in a small room, almost hidden from the rest of the cooks were six men who peeled the potatoes.

These were not just ordinary men, not just ordinary potato peelers, but the greatest and fastest peelers to have to have ever touched the hot skin of a potato. They moved so fast it was difficult to see their hands, almost like a blur. They hardly talked to each other but with one look each knew what the other was thinking. No matter how much, the head cook gave them; they would finish it in no time and ask for more. They finished the work so fast he didn’t know what to do with them. So one day he decided to modify their work slightly. He came up to the group and exclaimed, ‘All these days, you peeled and I chose the best potatoes from the lot. I would like to reduce your workload, so from today, decide among yourselves and peel only the best potatoes.’

Four hours later, when he peeped on the group through a small crack in the door. He was shocked to see that not one potato was peeled and the whole group arguing with each other. The head cook was a wise man; he knew he had made a mistake at once, but decided to continue watching and learn from this bad experience. As he watch he slowly realized that he had actually taken his well oiled team and turned them into a committee.

Is a committee such bad thing? Well frankly, while I love leaders and their teams I detest committees. So today please allow me to break down the three biggest myths so you can understand why I feel so strongly, starting with:

Myth 1: A Final group decision is a good decision.

What is the role of a committee? To discuss and reach a final decision that everybody agrees upon. And that is a good thing, right? To my surprise I found out that a final decision that everyone agrees upon is basically just that, a final decision that everyone agrees upon. It is not necessarily the best decision. I had always thought that good decisions are made after a lot of discussion. But have you realized that some of the best points are made in the first ten minutes. Think of a time in your office meetings when you made a fantastic point and watched in horror, how it got diluted sequentially till it satisfied everyone’s egos. A good leader knows how to extract the best from a discussion.

Myth 2: No one is as smart as everyone put together.

How obvious. No one person in the committee can be as smart as everyone put together. But when it comes to committees, the rules fly out of the window. . Infact I found out that, on the contrary, the entire committee is as smart as the dumbest person with the loudest mouth. Since in most cases that person’s opinion is imposed on everyone. That becomes the final decision. And the final decision is a representation of the whole committee. A good leader will always make sure that she has a pulse on every member’s thoughts mainly because knowledge is power. To do that she needs to tune out the nagging high frequencies and help the others find their voice because she knows that not saying something and not knowing are two different things.

Myth 3: If you wait long enough you will get consensus.

Think back and you will realize that the men were stumped deciding between good potatoes and bad ones. They were experts at peeling, not decision making, experts at following orders, not leading. Like a mother who lets her kids run free in the park and holds their hand when they cross the road, a good leader know how long to wait for consensus, and when to go out and get it! An organization without good leadership is like a headless chicken running around without any sense of direction.

To summarize, a good leader must remember to:
1. Extract the best ideas from the team.
2. Treat each team member as a unique individual.
3. Make good and timely decisions.

A lot of us judge a leader by his followers. The point, like Ralph Nader says, is that the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers’.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Silent Stranger

When it rains and the sun doesn't shine
Would you see the light
When darkness falls,
Do you hear their cries

You feel so insecure
The light don't shine on you
You just need to hold a hand
All you need is a...

Silent stranger
To let in the light
With no eyes, to see the pain inside
And no ears, to hear your cries

Did you ever look under your bed?
Did you ever consider that the voices might be in your head?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Fly Away

Hang on my baby, don't you cry
Remember how we used to lie
Talking 'bout you and me and days gone by
Talking 'bout all our years down the line

Now you're my drama queen by day
And my porn queen by night
You're just someone I used to know
Forgotten yourself become someone else

So Amy
I give you what was always yours
I give you wings
Climb the mountains, cross the oceans
Live like you've never lived before.
Kiss the boys with their fancy toys, big cars and faster lives
But my life is not yours to run around taking credit for
Realize there's a you inside you, reach out and get her out

So Amy
I give you what was always yours
I give you wings
Fly Away

Sunday, May 14, 2006

My Kinky Baby

I could follow you if you want me to
I know your style and it's worth the while
And I can feel your eyes draw me close
Your daddy's up sleeping and the gun is locked below

Dying to know what you've planned for tomorrow
Since I met you, everyday has been brand new
If the floor don't creak we might just make it to the kitchen
Get out the whipped cream and do some cooking of our own

Yesterday you had me dressed like a superhero
Today you'd rather have me wear your mother's clothes
Rub your back n feet and do your toes
Your daddy's up sleeping and the gun is locked below

Dying to know what you've planned for tomorrow
We kinky people can't help but put on a show
If the stairs don't creak we might just make it to the backyard
Turn on the sprinklers and do some gardening of our own

Dying to know what you've planned for tomorrow
We kinky people can't help but put on a show
If the stairs don't creak we might just make it to your sister's room
Get her in uniform and teach her a lesson of our own

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sou Me, Man! I defy you!

My little crappy lyric dump/blog has crossed the 1/2/3 comment mark !!!
As of now we are at 8 (ok, some of them are mine too)

Thank you Sexy Sou, Traumatic, Autogato, Odie

For Sou, who started this beautiful ruckus, I am your humble slave for a day.

Now, how would you like your cream, whipped or spanked... grrr.

Friday, March 17, 2006


Funny how,
it’s on a perfect day that I find myself missing you the most
And it’s not the lack of perfect women, of that there’re many
And it’s not the lack of perfect days, still counting by
It’s just, the lack of you that makes me wish that I could forget

Open the door, you fall into my arms and your skin is like my second skin that it hurts when its gone cause I let you go when the times were low hoping you'd get to see a better show. Making tea at the break of dawn cause we’ve slept so much, just none at all and your hand feel soft against my cheek when you raise my face up to yours and I, should have moved on by now but every step I take gets heavier somehow.
It’s just, the lack of you that makes me wish that I could forget

I’m falling for you